The Network is an interdisciplinary forum aiming to promote research on all cultural aspects of the dream.

Major areas of our research are

  • dream theories, including theories on the interpretation of dreams, and their history
  • visual and textual representations of dreams in arts and sciences
  • the interplay between theoretical conceptualisations of the dream and its artistic representations

Members of the network investigate all cultural aspects of the dream from antiquity to the present day. We are interested in the history of knowledge about dreams, of concepts explaining the nature, the origin and the purpose of dreaming. Equally important to us is the exploration of social practices dealing with dreams: What role do dreams play in a society? Which dreams are of interest for whom? What is their potential political, social and personal significance? How are dreams narrated, recorded, commented and interpreted?  Finally, the network explores the aesthetical dimensions of the dream. How are authentic and fictitious dreams represented in literary works, in visual art and in film? Are there similarities between the process of dreaming and artistic imagination?
The network will help to explore the rich diversity of “dream cultures” and their specific profiles in a historical and comparative perspective.

Our aims are

  • to offer a common platform for all researchers with an interest in cultural aspects of the dream
  • to inform about new publications and activities in dream research
  • to provide opportunities for members to showcase their research
  • to promote and foster collaboration and exchange between our members
  • to facilitate the formation of international research projects and other initiatives in the area of cultural dream studies

Our network links members from a broad variety of disciplines such as the history of sciences, literary studies, history of art, media theory, psychoanalysis and philosophy.

New members with a research profile in cultural dream studies are welcome!
Please contact us.