Clizia Centorrino




Clizia Centorrino is an Independent Scholar. She holds a PhD in Cinema Studies from the University Grenoble Alpes, where she has been a teaching assistant. Italian cinema, documentary, cinema and psychoanalysis, experimental and analogic cinema are the different fields of her research. She has published various articles in the multi-authored volumes Fictional Artworks: Literary Ékphrasis and the Invention of Images (V. Cammarata and V. Mignano eds) (Mimesis International, 2016), TuttoFellini (E. Giacovelli ed) (Gremese, 2019); and articles in the academic journals Cinergie and L'avventura. She has also curated the retrospectives of Italian cinema at the Cinémathèque de Grenoble: Elio Petri et le cinéma de la névrose in 2019, Rétrospective Ermanno Olmi in 2018, Rétrospective Leonardo Di Costanzo in 2017; and the film festivals: L'excentrique cinéma (Grenoble, 2019); the section Album Boris Lehman for Archivio Aperto (Bologna, 2019); and the section Pellicola in scena for the Turin Fringe Festival in 2019, dedicated to analogic performances in 16 mm et Super 8. 


Publication on the dream and related topics


Le réel et son dépassement chez Alain Resnais et Federico Fellini : des origines aux années du rêve. Université Grenoble Alpes, 2018.

(The real and beyond in Alain Resnais and Federico Fellini : from origins to the years of the dream)


Articles and chapters in books

Les rêves cinématographiques de Jean-Paul Sartre. In: Cinergie 12 (2017).  

The dream-image in Gradiva's gait from Pompeii to Marrakesh. In: Fictional Artworks Literary Ékphrasis and the Invention of Images, Mimesis International, 2016, pp. 59-74.  

Le rêve écrit sur pellicule : La voix de la lune de Federico Fellini et Le poème de lunatiques de Ermanno Cavazzoni. In: Interstudia 17 (2015), pp. 154-162.